What the Disney Trading Pins Craze is All About

Disney trading pins are a lot similar to the craze of trading baseball cards, and don’t be fooled to think that these Disney pins are meant for a younger demographic. In fact there are so many young people today who had started trading these pins when they were younger and have not been able to give up their favorite hobby well into their late teens. Actually this is quite a harmless way of having a hobby and is fun too. These pins can be bought and then traded for other pins which are all collectibles and have different designs and characters and logos on them. Over these many years that this tradition has been carrying on, thousands of such trading pins have been designed and sold.

Initially of course these pins need to be bought for money and the standard price for a Disney pin is a little less than $7. However the special edition pins and any other kind of special pins like the ones released at movie premiers or at special occasions and events will of course cost a lot more. These pins when designed and released are open for buying only for a limited period of time and are available only till the limited stocks last, this is how the fun of trading begins as everybody cannot buy all the pins that they want.

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