Magic the Gathering Deck Building Course 1 – Winning Methods

In this article we are going to talk about Magic the Gathering Deck Building. We would discuss about the methodology of building a deck of your own that suits your strategies and style. So we are not giving deck examples here, but focus on how to build your very own deck. As I said there are infinite number of types of deck one can build, so the aim of this article is to give the reader a glimpse of the vast ocean of Magic the Gathering decks.

One can use a lot of Magic the Gathering cards to build one deck. And there may be as many types of Magic deck as the stars in the sky, however the goal is common – to beat your opposing planeswalkers before they beat you.

To win, you must first know how to lose

The most common and normal way to win is to reduce your opponent’s life to 0 or less. Another method is to drain opponent’s library so that he has no cards to draw. But this method can only be applied with a few special decks and mainly Blue cards (as well as some Artifacts). The last method is to increase opponent’s Poison Counters to 10 or above.

But there are not too many poisonous creatures and most of them are very weak. Moreover, 10 Poison Counters is a bit too demanding. Every player has 20 life counters. Creatures’ Power and Toughness range from 0/1 to 12/12 even X/X, while each Poison attack hits Poison Counters with 1 point only plus there is no spell that can increase opponent’s Poison Counters. Therefore, this method can be ignored basically. In conclusion, the first method (reducing life counters to 0 or less) is the main focus.

To reduce opponent’s life counters to 0 or less, there are 4 methods: First, damaging player directly. But this is not the best method, since there’re usually many creatures on the Battlefield and even counting in Enchantment, there’re only a small number of spells exist that can hit player directly. Second, attacking opponent with Creatures in order to reduce one’s life counters. Third, control opponent so that he can’t work with his cards or can’t beat you. The last method, which is rarely used and basically only available to Blue Mana, is to make your opponent run out of his Magic cards. Although there’re 4 different methods, when it comes to combat, usually a combination of those rather than one are used.

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