Magic The Gathering – Tactics

A world premier and extremely popular trading card game, Magic The Gathering, is now available as a PC game that brings the magic and color and one on one dueling to stunning 3D for the first time, giving hours of enjoyment to game veterans and new players alike. The card game has been around for quite some time and similar to many like it in the past is widely popular with kids and collectors alike. The cards are depictions of characters with descriptions and points and attributes on each card. There are certain cards that have become the brass ring for their beauty as well as their difficulty in obtaining, similar to games of the past that have intrigued fantasy fans, card players and collectors alike.

Tactics is a whole New Way to Play

Bringing Magic The Gathering to life in fully realized 3-D game play that incorporates the spells and characters and strengths of the cards into fun, interactive, tactic style play, the PC game changes the whole look and premise of Magic The Gathering as just a trading card game. The cards themselves become, rather than the center of the game play, more of an accessory to the game, as you battle online with brought to life action characters that perform the way you want them to in a bright colorful fantasy world full of magic and mystical beings. You can play as a single player in battle with another character or take it online and join in battle with legions of other players. Play is free and instead of taking away from the original game, adds to its popularity and following.

It Keeps Getting Better

The original game was designed to be a trading card game and attracted a huge following of kids and collectors alike that coveted the cards and played for bragging rights to the best and strongest card. With the addition of being able to play online and now the Tactics game the whole Magic The Gathering experience just keeps getting better. The interest in the game is kept at the forefront with each new additional way to play. While there may be some dissension in the ranks of seasoned players that the online games change the whole premise, by adding them the game continues to attract more and more followers and become even more popular with the possibility to be around for a lot longer than if it had just remained a trading card game alone. Many card games of the past have not weathered the test of time but Magic The Gathering just keeps on getting better.

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