Make Money Buying And Selling Magic The Gathering Cards

Magic The Gathering has been around for about 20 years now. There are thousands of cards in common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare and mythic rare availabilities.

Buying these cards individually, in booster packs or complete sets is easy. Selling them for a profit is a skill that needs to be acquired to accomplish profiting from sales successfully. This article endeavours to outline how you can start.

Make sure you know your products. Understanding this market of collectible card games can be very daunting if you have never played the game before. Whilst not an exclusive choice, being a player does not give you any advantage over being a seller of these game cards.

The current market shows us the rarer and harder to obtain a card, unopened booster or set the more it will be worth. Alpha, Beta and Third Edition cards are the hardest to obtain. As the sets get younger, the lower the price will be. So current editions and expansion sets are not worth much but can still sell well if you sell rare items only. These current sets will sell better in the future. Especially when these sets stop being printed and new sets are produced.

So, the ideal situation is to obtain the oldest rare from the oldest sets you can get. If you can get unopened, completely sealed boosters or packs or complete sets the better, these will command higher prices. Booster packs will contain at least two rares and some uncommon and commons.

One can still profit from current generation cards by buying a booster pack and selling the cards individually for a profit. You can do this over and over until you hit a desired profit ceiling. Changing your strategy to something different will help appeal for further sales and have your customer base return for better purchases.

Value adding by offering free shipping, extra cards of common or uncommon but wanted cards for free or by offering specials is an ideal way you can stand out from other sellers who are your immediate competition.

As your sales increase and your sales become higher in volume and those sales become consistent, you will start to see other ways and means of obtaining strategic sales and various ways to maximise profits.

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