Tips on Creating Your Own Disney Collectible Investment

Creating your own Disney collection is an investment that doesn’t depreciate in value. Knowing what to buy is essential in creating your own collection that will continue to maintain it’s value and increase higher than the current interest rate available at banks.

Officially licensed Disney merchandise are the only items to consider. Figural salt and pepper shakers have double appeal not only to fellow Disney collectors but to those that collect salt and pepper shakers as well. If they are kept in the box and not used these figural items are a sure hit for future returns.

Porcelain figures are also a key ingredient for your appreciating collection. Often Disney changes what is available at their parks annually. This is essential for maintaining the price point for your figures. They are easily referenced to date of manufacture enhancing their value. Don’t waste money on plastic, vinyl or otherwise inexpensive miniature figures. They are manufactured at such high numbers they will not retain value.

Limited edition items are always sought after. This includes watches, snow globes, art prints and film cells, collector cards. When an item is only available for a certain number or limited time that equals value to your collection. Make sure to keep them in pristine condition and be willing to keep them for a time frame of at least 3-5 years. The longer they are out of production the higher the return rate will be on your investment.

Plush items while cute do not withstand the test of time. They often fade and offer limited value to a collection. Paper items such as Disney diary’s, notebooks, postcards are nice to utilize but not for an investment collection. Trading Pins found at Disneyland offer an inexpensive way to add to your collection but again limited edition ones are the ones to keep.

Finding your Disney collectibles is as effortless as searching eBay or visiting the Disney Store. If you enjoy attending yard sales and auctions often vintage Disney items are found. Added to my collection via this method has included a 1948 Disney Game Card set, 1970’s Tinkerbell cup and saucer, 1970’s figural Mickey Mouse phone, Pirates of the Caribbean music box, and a 1960’s Mickey Mouse alarm clock.

Consider adding ornaments to your collection that are mint in box. They are often found on sale after the holidays and figural ones from movies such as The Lion King and The Little Mermaid continue to diversify your investment collection. At 75% off after the holidays they are an economic addition that pays off.

Collectible DVD’s aren’t an investment that I could recommend. Too often they are re-released from the “Disney Vaults” and are just too common an item to consider for investment. Technology moves at rapid speed and even two decades from now the current DVD may be obsolete such as the way of the VHS tapes.

Think figurines, cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers, and items that become scare through time.

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