World of Warcraft Loot Cards – WoW TCG Cards for the Online World of Warcraft Game

Loot Cards are rare cards that are distributed within World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Treasure Packs and/or Booster Packs. Treasure packs come as part of the Raid Decks available and you are more likely to come up with a Loot card in a Raid Deck treasure pack than in the Heroes of Azeroth or Fires of Outland booster packs.

Loot Cards are additional versions of rare cards and they each contain a scratch-off code that gives you a cosmetic upgrade for your character in the online World of Warcraft game so they are desirable even among those players who don’t play the trading card game. They also tend to go for very high prices on Ebay, particular cards for Mounts, such as Saltwater Snapjaw and the Spectral Tiger.

There are three different Loot cards in the Heroes of Azeroth packs. Each one can be used to get you a special item for your character in the WoW MMORPG. These are: Landro Longshot, providing a Flame Tabard; Thunderhead Hippogryph, for a Hippogryph pet for your character; and Saltwater Snapjaw, which gets your character a really cool Turtle Mount.

There are also loot cards in the expansion decks and loot cards that are given out at special events such as BlizzCon. BlizzCon is an annual convention that the designers of World of Warcraft hold each year. Some of the most highly sought after Loot Cards were only given to Blizzcon attendees each year and some of the most prized Loot cards are the one for “Murky”, a Murloc pet, and the “Murloc suit” which gives your online character a Murloc costume. Another highly desirable WoW TCG card was also a Blizzcon promo and that is the Mrglrglmrglmrrrlggg card. And no, that’s not a misspelling. Now just try to memorize it!

The newest loot cards that players — both online and off — are clamoring for are from the Fires of Outland Expansion packs for Dark Portal. There are at least four different loot cards to be found in the Fires of Outland booster packs: King Mukla gets your online World of Warcraft character his or her very own pet monkey; the Fortune Telling loot card provides your character with a fortune-telling imp surrounded by a glowing green ball; and the Rest and Relaxation card gifts you with a “picnic basket” which lets you summon a big beach umbrella and a barbecue grille – not very useful, but definitely lots of fun. And, of course, there is the most sought after Loot card of all, the Spectral Tiger. It is currently the rarest card in the expansion sets and it provides your online character with an awesome Spectral Tiger mount.

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