World of Warcraft Trading Card Game – An Intro to the WoW TCG

While World of Warcraft has grown popular as one of the top PC titles on the shelf, the fun simply doesn’t end there. Gamers will be happy to know that World of Warcraft has a trading card game that gives players the opportunity to take their skills to a whole different playing field. Released in October of 2006, this version of the famous video-game hit allows users to battle against each other or team up to take down their opponents. In addition, users are still challenged by the famous raid bosses, Onyxia and Ragnaros.

In terms of game play, each participant must use a hero card and a deck made up of allies or other supporting cards. Players are able to build their deck however they desire with their preferred characters and weapons. Booster packs can be purchased, and some of them even contain a scratch-off code that can be entered online to redeem virtual prizes.

Many have compared the game to Magic: The Gathering for its unique style of trying to conquer the other player through strategic planning of your own deck. Users start off with a single hero and must utilize their resources to generate the powers of their warrior. Much like Magic: The Gathering, the ultimate goal is to remove all of the health of the opposition.

Aside from the regular game play, participants have the option of using a “Raid Deck.” In this style, a Raid Master regulates all of the monsters and foes while the other players control the characters. Players who successfully defeat the Raid Master are eligible to win certain “loot” cards, which are known to be some of the hottest commodities in World of Warcraft trading.

Different cards also have differed values, and this is denoted by a color system. If the set number on the card is white, it is a common, green is an uncommon, blue a rare, purple an epic, and red a legendary. There is a range of cards used throughout game play, each with a different purpose. A simple deck consists of heroes, abilities, armors, weapons, quests, allies, and loots.

All of the cards mentioned above can be played as resources by simply placing them face down in a designated area. There are also limits on how many of each type of card can be used during play, thus making the game require more strategic thinking. Users can start out by getting a Starter Deck and then purchasing additional Booster Packs to build the most advantageous combination that will challenge their opponents. Undoubtedly very exciting and enjoyable, the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game brings the hit PC title to a whole new playing field.

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